NZ is morally bankrupt (like Singapore)

NZ  is morally BANKRUPT

The NZ’s Ministry of Social Development (WINZ)website  –

is a lying piece of propaganda bullshit to attract migrants to this immoral, thieving land of thugs, swindlers, druggies, rapists and deviants.

For a British person who is a NZ Permanent Resident pensioner in NZ, WINZ forces them to open a Westpac bank account where their British pensions go into that account and the money goes into the coffers of the NZ government.  Although the account is in his personal name, he has no access to that account and under international banking regulations, this fraud committed by WINZ is unlawful.

WINZ claims that they have a reciprocal arrangement with mother England but this is not true. For example, if your British pension is $250 and the NZ pension is $500, WINZ takes your $250 from England and pays you $500 so you lose your British pension of $250.  However, if you decide to return and live in England, you would only get your British pension of $250 as WINZ will stop paying your NZ Pension Entitlement of $500 after six months. Therefore their claim of a reciprocal arrangement with England is a blatant lie.

For Singaporean Permanent Residents of NZ, WINZ does the same theft except Singapore does not have pensions except for government Ministers, top civil servants and high-ranking army officers.  WINZ steals from their CPF SAVINGS which is equivalent to the NZ Kiwisaver scheme.

Thousands of NZ citizens have worked in Singapore, including the NZ Prime Minister John Key.  They have collected their CPF Savings from the Singapore CPF Board when they left Singapore and returned to NZ. The Singapore autocratic government refunds the CPF Savings of all nationalities except the CPF Savings of Singapore Citizens and this is contrary to NZ’s own laws – The Human Rights Act 1993.

The following are excerpts of letters of appeal to John Key who had worked in Singapore, is well aware that the CPF is a Kiwisaver-type savings scheme whose funds come from only employee and employer contributions, is not state-funded, and had collected TAX-FREE his CPF savings in 1996 when he left Merrill-Lynch Singapore for Merrill-Lynch London.

First letter to the NZ PM in January 2015

“You have worked in Singapore and you know for certain that the CPF (Central Provident Fund) is not a pension fund but a ‘Kiwisaver’ Fund.  In those days, you would have contributed approximately 20% of your salary and commissions and Merrill-Lynch would have contributed a similar amount.  As you are not a Singapore Citizen, you were allowed to withdraw your remuneration, administered by the CPF Board when you left Singapore.  Singapore Citizens are not allowed to withdraw their CPF savings unless they have a humongous amount exceeding the PAP government’s Minimum Sum.

Since January 2014, the fairly new unit formed by your government a couple of years ago, SPS_Testing, have harassed me and have obstinately insisted that the CPF is a pension fund, obviously for their own vested interests.


I have informed them to contact the Pensions Branch in Singapore if they do not believe that I do not receive any pension from the Singapore government but they insist the CPF Board is the correct authority. Then they want me to sign and send their poorly-constructed and loosely-worded form to the CPF Board and give them a copy.

Despite numerous email correspondence and a very tiring telephone conversation, where I explained the history of the CPF in Singapore and how Singapore Citizens cannot withdraw their forced savings (whereas Kiwisaver is voluntary), these so-called consultants have refused to understand and constantly harass me with reminders, despite my informing them of my medical condition.  I received my Supergold card one month AFTER I qualified for NZ Pension in October 2014 and these literary-challenged consultants seem to wish me to have a heart attack so that they can stop my pension payments upon my demise.

These ‘consultants’ also stated that the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development confirmed that the CPF is a pension fund under Section 70.

Please explain to these consultants and the Chief Executive that the CPF is a Kiwisaver Fund and not a Pension Fund.  Surely you could employ a more intelligent bunch of highly paid civil servants in a superfluous SPS_Testing unit?

Thank you and best wishes for 2015.”


Another letter to John Key, NZ PM in June 2015

“ Your Minister for Senior Citizens have not bothered to reply to my letter of 29/3/15.

Yesterday’s article in the New Zealand Herald commented that “Key should show some spine” – as YOU know that the CPF is a compulsory savings fund like Kiwisaver, and that it is not a Pension Fund because you had a CPF account in Singapore in 1995.

Your SPS Testing Unit sent me a letter last week that they will stop my Super payments from 29/6/15 as the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development ruled that the CPF is a deductible. If he cannot understand that the source of the CPF funds come from the employee/employer contributions and not from the Treasury like English and Australian pensioners, perhaps you should enlighten him.

As you know, all foreigners are allowed by the Singapore government to with draw their CPF monies except Singapore Citizens and this is in contravention of the Human Rights Act – discrimination against nationality.

New Zealand’s standing in the rankings of Human Rights will be negatively affected when my case goes public in the press and the world wide web if you condone and rubber-stamp Singapore’s hijacking of Singapore citizens’ life-time savings in the CPF.

Please inform your Chief Executive to be honest and use common sense and justice, because the Singapore government has cheated me of my CPF and now the NZ government is doing the same.”


Another letter to John Key, NZ PM also in June 2015

“Further to my earlier letter that your Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development will stop my pension payments on 29/6/15, I attach proof from the Singapore Embassy that I do not receive any pension from the government of Singapore (because there is no social security in Singapore).

Your people are therefore discriminating against my nationality in contravention of the NZ Human Rights Act of 1993.”


Another letter to John Key, NZ PM in July 2015

“I received a letter from Mr Rob Brown of MSD effectively saying BLACK is WHITE and WHITE IS BLACK i.e. a Singapore Government state-funded pension is not a deductible but a CPF SAVINGS SCHEME/Kiwisaver is a deductible.

You had referred referred my letters of 14/6/15 and 15/6/15 to the Minister for Senior Citizens who referred back to the Chief Executive of MSD, which to use the words of Ms Helen Clark in the Q & A programme, is “pointless bureaucracy” as you know for sure that the CPF is NOT State-funded and is a Kiwisaver-type SAVINGS Scheme.

If your people in MSD could read carefully the document from the Singapore Embassy, it clearly stated  that I am “not a Singapore Government Pensioner and is not in receipt of Singapore Pension”. Do they not read the second part of the statement?

Your Chief executive calling CPF a pension does not make it a pension, just as calling Kiwisaver a pension also does not make it a pension.

As MSD discriminates against a Singapore Citizen because the Singapore government does not allow Singapore Citizens to draw out their CPF savings, but allows all other nationalities to withdraw their CPF, including your goodself and thousands of NZ Citizens/PRs who had worked in Singapore, I have made a complaint to the Singapore Embassy about the unlawful discrimination of citizenship under the Human Rights Act.

The Singapore Embassy has given me another document stating categorically that the CPF is a SAVINGS SCHEME. It is not a pension.

I wonder how your MSD can call a Singapore Government state-funded pension a “government occupational pension and is not subject to a direct deduction by New Zealand” and a Kiwisaver-type savings scheme, fully funded by the employee and employer, NOT STATE-FUNDED, a deductible? Is this not saying BLACK IS WHITE and vice versa?

If a Singapore state-funded pension is not a deductible, why is WINZ deducting English state-funded pensions from thousands of British nationals who are also Permanent Residents of NZ?

Your Chief Executive is determined to tarnish the good name of New Zealand as a FAIR and JUST country.”



Another letter to John Key, NZ PM in August 2015

An open letter to Mr John Key

Dear Mr Key,

I have written several letters to you on the CPF as you have worked in Singapore and had a CPF SAVINGS account. You are very well versed on this subject and could easily put a stop to the nonsense from the MSD and the Minister for Senior Citizens who did not bother to research on the subject but simply relied on the Chief Executive who is paid more than yourself, the leader of the country, which does not even make more sense.

By re-directing to your Ministerial colleagues who evidently have no diligence to know about the CPF, and the Chief Executive of MSD who has a vested interest, what does it reveal? I heard in the news that you went to Singapore at the invitation of the son of the dead dictator for Singapore’s National Day Celebrations, when thousands of Singaporeans went out of the country to neighbouring Malaysia as they were disgusted with the PAP for hijacking their CPF savings.

Despite the CPF Board stating that I do not receive any pension payments from them, your MSD people are stopping my superannuation entitlement on 26/8/15. (Note: John key flew 11 hours to attend the SG50 National Day celebrations when the Indonesian leader did not bother to attend – Indonesia is 45 minutes flight time away from Singapore).

If you have a conscience, and can truly say the CPF is not a Kiwisaver-type savings scheme but a pension payment (as your unethical MSD people insist), I will truly admire you.


FINALLY, the NZ PM’s reply – “As there is nothing to be gained by any further correspondence on this matter, I am closing the correspondence.”


Well, well, well, there is certainly nothing to be gained by him anymore, because he had collected his CPF Savings in 1996 so why bother with the injustice suffered by Singapore nationals at the hands of their own government?  This leader of NZ grew up in a STATE HOUSE and now he is selling off STATE HOUSES all over NZ – what do you think of that?

The Singapore government returns the CPF Savings of Singapore Citizens only monthly in miniscule instalments after the age of 65 and WINZ claims that this monthly REFUND becomes a NZ Pension so they do not have to pay pensions to Singapore nationals who are Permanent Residents of NZ.

Even for NZ Citizens who have worked overseas in countries like Germany, Canada and the USA, if their overseas state-funded pensions are more than the NZ Pension, WINZ does not pay them anything.  WINZ pays full pensions to their NZ Citizens who never bothered to go overseas to find work (as there are no decent jobs in this Land of the “Kool-Aid”) and never bothered to work and pay taxes all their lives. The mantra of this Kool-Aid WINZ Chief Executive is, “Section 70 ensures that people who have lived or worked overseas are not financially advantaged over New Zealanders who have remained in New Zealand. If a person were to receive a partial overseas pension entitlement as well as their New Zealand pension, they could be considerably better off than someone who has lived all their life in New Zealand, and retired here.  Any social security based overseas pension similar to New Zealand’s pension is therefore deducted from the New Zealand benefit or pension.  This provides people with overseas pensions with the same level of social security coverage as a person who has lived their entire life in New Zealand.”

Is not this mantra of WINZ that of a “tall poppy-cock syndrome”?  So WINZ disadvantages people who had taken the initiative to find work overseas and deducts the SAVINGS of these hard-working people because the CPF is NOT state-funded, although the Kiwisaver is partly state-funded ($1000 start-up previously and $20,000 for first-home buyers); but the Kiwisaver is not a deductible (because the National government does not want to lose votes if they make Kiwisaver a deductible).

However, Singapore does not have pensions for normal citizens except for the elite and if a Singapore national were to return to Singapore to live, he will not have any NZ Pension after six months.  When his CPF Savings account runs out of money after a few years of monthly refunds, he will have nothing – so how then is the CPF considered a Pension by WINZ?  A Pension continues until a person dies, not when the CPF Savings account is depleted.  Why is John Key’s CPF Savings not considered a Pension, along with thousands of NZ Citizens who had worked in Singapore? Are they not from the same CPF Accounts in Singapore?

As an example, if the monthly refund of his CPF Savings is $500, WINZ will deduct $125 a week from his Pension Entitlement.  If his monthly refund is $1000, and the NZ Pension is $1000 per month, WINZ will not pay him anything.  The monthly amount refunded depends on how much he had in his CPF (or Kiwisaver) account.

The fact that the NZ Prime Minister had collected his TAX-FREE CPF Savings and allows WINZ to deduct and TAX 100% of the CPF Savings of a Singapore national DISCRIMINATED against by his own autocratic government is confirmation that he is indeed the perfect leader of a morally bankrupt country – a country of thieves, burglars, rapists, murderers and immoral people in high positions of authority, like the Chief Executive of WINZ who insisted against all reasoning and sense of justice, that the CPF Savings of a single nationality is a pension while the CPF Savings of the NZ Prime Minister is his own TAX-FREE money; and taxes 100% the CPF Savings of only ONE nationality that had already been DISCRIMINATED against by his own autocratic, immoral government.  As the saying goes, “When you wallow with PIGS, expect to get dirty.”

When the NZ PM allows his Chief Executive of WINZ to break their own Human Rights Act 1993, has no conscience nor morals, no sense of RIGHT and WRONG, and persecute pensioners who have worked and paid their dues, is there any ethics left in this “Land of the Kool-Aid”?

The English Commission’s annual report states its visions as “to give hope and bring justice to those wronged, to enhance confidence in the justice system and use our experience to help reform and improve the law.” 

The Chief Executive of WINZ uses Section 70 to abuse pensioners and cheat them of their entitlement by dishonestly interpreting a SAVINGS FUND as a benefit, pension or periodic allowance SIMILAR to NZ.  It is no wonder that the NZ PM wants to get rid of the Union Jack because definitions of the English Language in this “Land of the Kool-Aid” is completely skewed and distorted to the extreme – QUOTE from WINZ “The fact that they are defined by the Singapore CPF as ‘refunds’ does not, in the Ministry’s view, mean that they cannot be seen to be a periodic allowance”.  Under legal definitions, the phrase “seen to be” is unacceptable and the Chief Executive of WINZ is indeed the Chief of Kool-Aid. Since when is the word “refund” defined as a “periodic allowance” when the money comes from your own savings account?

Therefore, the thousands of feedback on the website – is not only true but confirms the propaganda of the various websites of the NZ government ministries – Immigration NZ (their slogan “NZ The Right Choice”), WINZ, Tourism Ministry’s 100% PURE NZ, etc.

What further proof do you need that NZ is morally bankrupt?

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